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Shimano Vanquish

shimano vanquish twinpower stella

Shimano's most awaited reel for 2012 has to be the all new Shimano Vanquish. Having recently held their open house in several locations across South-East Asia, they used this opportunity to showcase to the public the reel which utilizes all of Shimano's latest technology as well as various futuristic materials which has allowed the Vanquish to be one the lightest reel they have ever released.
Available currently only to the JDM (Japanese-domestic-market), the Vanquish is Shimano's very own competitior to the Shimano Stella, their flag-ship model. They have priced this reel to cost between the retail price of the Stella and the Twinpower, somewhere in the range of S$680-S$720 depending on the model which you choose.

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Being constructed mainly of Shimano's own "CI4+" material, this has allowed the reel to be extremely lightweight, in fact, the Vanquish 1000S model weighs in at only 160 grams. However, this does not mean that the reel is "weak" or built to a lower standard. It is safe for saltwater use and has one of the smoothest cranking motion of any reel we have tried due to the larger diameter splindle. The gearing inside the reel features smooth and precise grooves to ensure that even after countless of fishing trips, the smoothest you would have associated with the cranking motion never goes away.

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The spool and handle is also made out of aluminium to save weight and ensure that rust will not be a problem for those offshore trips. The body of the Vanquish is made of the usual Magnesium Alloy, similar to that found on the Stella to give that beautiful shine one would associate with the higher end Shimano reels. As always, X-SHIP gear systems and the AR-C spool gives you the sensitivity to perfectly hook up that fish you've been waiting for.

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All in all, we think that Shimano has identified a niche market of anglers who find the Stella to be too high end and "precious" to use for offshore and heavy duty fishing, but also, want a reel that is a step above the Twinpower. We all know what we are going to be wishing for during Christmas now don't we?

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The Shimano Vanquish is available in the following models (please note that the Vanquish is a "Spinning reel"):


The reels are now available from your nearest Shimano dealer!

Here's a promotion video of the Shimano Vanquish:


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