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Below is an extract from Baktao's blog regarding the Native Fishing League 2014 held recently as a private competition amongst Kayak anglers in Singapore.Kayak fishing may seem glamorous but it really is a game of passionThe fishing league was held on...
We posted an article a couple of months back on the practice of "catch and release" among local anglers here in Singapore. While we do have one of the most relaxed laws on fishing in Singapore without any bag limits for shore and off-shore anglers, if...
Cheng Wang Seng, who was 45, was on a fishing trip with 7 other of his fellow anglers when the fishing boat that they were travelling in collided with another commercial fishing trawler. 2 others were killed instantly while Cheng was the only one being...
As most people were preparing to go to bed on a Sunday night, there were a flurry of gossips and talks on most social media platform that an accident has occurred in Rompin, Malaysia to a group of Singapore anglers. Initial reports stated that a fishin...
For 2013, Shimano will be holding 3 events, with 2 being held in Malaysia and 1 being held in SIngapore.The Singapore event will take place at Rendezvous Hotel once again as they proved to be a fantastic venue host the last time around with good food l...

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